We advocate on issues that affect women’s health and wellbeing, and our most recent advocacy has been to support the carriage of the Reproductive Health Care Reform bill through NSW Parliament. This bill, if passed by the Parliament, will decriminalise abortion and recognise it as the health matter it is. For more information on the legislation currently before the Legislative Council, please see the report from the Legislative Council’s Standing Committee on Social Issues: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/lcdocs/inquiries/2547/Final%20report%20-%20Reproductive%20Health%20Care%20Reform%20Bill%202019.pdf

We established SOS Women’s Services in 2014 with other women’s organisations and business people to help advocate for women’s and girls’ services. Initially SOS was established to advocate against the closure of women’s and girls refuges in the inner city. Following the success of that campaign we expanded our efforts state-wide and have continued to advocate for improvements to women’s services for women and girls who are disadvantaged, recovering from trauma and at risk of homelessness. Our successes include:
– Advocating that all refuges have their funding extended to 2020 to allow them a chance to rebuild after government reforms
– Helping ensure $20m in additional funding to assist with the expansion of 24 hour services across NSW
– Funding for a specialist domestic violence worker at the Family Law Court with the support of the Chief Justice
– Establishment of the Service Support Fund which ensured a further 14 women’s refuges are funded
– Restoration of funding to homelessness services in inner Sydney, including preventing the closure of the city’s women’s refuges
– Securing Award increases for Sydney’s girls’ refuges

More recently we’ve met with government about two major proposals – to update women’s refuges from communal living to independent units with support, starting with four pilot sites, and to establish Domestic Violence Prevention Clinics in women’s health centres in NSW. 

Our staff often present at conferences. Some recent examples include:
2016 NADA Conference:

LWCHC_AOD_NADA Conference Poster

Our manager Roxanne McMurray was asked to present to the Institute of Criminology’s Contemporary and Future Crime Trends Conference on Family and Domestic Violence and the impact of State Government reforms on Women’s Services.
Download the paper here.

We gave two presentations at the inaugural Inner West Sydney Medicare Local congress held in March 2014 – one on Using a Multidisciplinary Approach to Improve the Health of Women: http://iwsml.org.au/ee/images/uploads/cpd_presentations/Using_a_

and a presentation on the Issues Experienced by Women Partners of Same Sex Attracted Men: http://iwsml.org.au/ee/images/uploads/cpd_presentations/Issues_

The Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service presented a poster at the 2013 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference.  To view our poster, download here: Women Partners of Same Sex Attracted Men: Preventing HIV and Other STIs Through Supportive Strategies to Protect Against Transmission

I Come from Vietnam

I Come from Vietnam

Our Vietnamese Health Educator Thao presented a poster at the 7th National Women’s Health Conference held in 2014 titled ‘I Come from Vietnam’ showcasing a project we had in partnership with Ultimo TAFE and CatholicCare . To view Thao’s poster, download here: I come from Vietnam poster.

Contact us for more information about any of our presentations, or to ask for copies.