We offer several types of counselling and all options are free of charge or low cost. Some of our counselling is reserved for women on low incomes and who are living in the local area (the 124 kms of Sydney’s inner city, inner west and south western suburbs) while other counselling services is not limited to women’s geographic area or financial status.

Our counselling includes –

  • Counselling for any life issue including relationships, domestic violence and family issues is available to local women on low incomes. A doctor’s referral is not required.
  • Counselling for drugs or alcohol dependency is provided to women with an addiction to alcohol and other drugs and also to women who want support due to the addictions of someone in a close relationship. Our drug and alcohol counselling is for local women currently on low incomes.
  • Counselling for Women Partners of Gay/Bisexual Men is for women in NSW whose male partners are sexually attracted to men. We can provide counselling face-to-face, by telephone or Skype. We also run support groups and give talks to health workers and counsellors.
  • Our psychologist Madhu Misra* provides counselling which is not limited by the area in which the woman lives. Madhu is experienced in working with women experiencing depression, including postnatal depression, anxiety, domestic and family violence, childhood sexual abuse, alcohol and other drug use, grief and loss and relationship issues. Madhu is registered with Medicare and Victims Services – to see her through Medicare, you will require a referral from a General Practitioner to psychologist Madhu Misra and a Mental Health Plan outlining the health issues. Women experiencing financial hardship are bulk-billed to Medicare or, if eligible, may receive the counselling under the Victims Services scheme. *Madhu is engaged through a room-hire contract, makes her own bookings and arranges her fees for counselling. Speak with Madhu about your financial circumstances and the options. For an appointment with Madhu, call her on 0420 473 644.
  • Counselling for women who’ve experienced childhood sexual abuse is available two days a week from counsellors employed by Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. This counselling is provided for women currently experiencing financial disadvantage.
  • Pregnancy counselling is provided by our counsellors and nurse. Our pregnancy counselling is pro-choice, supportive and non-judgmental, confidential and private. Our counselling includes all options and assists decision making on the options the woman is considering – parenting, termination or adoption. We provide referrals to termination clinics and will also provide health checks and counselling after abortion. We respect the many varied circumstances in women’s lives and women’s right and ability to make their own decisions.

We are also able to arrange interpreting services. Let us know your needs when booking your appointment.

Cost: A voluntary donation of $10, or $5 concession, at the time of the visit is appreciated and helps the centre cover costs.

Contact us to make an appointment to see a counsellor.