Our naturopathy clinics are being conducted over the phone during the Covid-19 crisis. When our naturopath Ses prescribes herbs or vitamins she will be posting them to you to ensure you don’t need to come to the centre, thereby protecting your health and ours.

Our naturopathy appointments are for women who are on low incomes (less than $25,000 per year) and who live in the local community. There is a limit of 12 sessions per woman. Our naturopath is a member of our multidisciplinary team and can work collaboratively with your GP or other health professionals to ensure your health care is wholistic and well coordinated.


  • We won’t charge for the consultation but we will charge for the prescription provided. Naturopathy costs vary depending on the prescription (which commonly ranges between $20 to $100).
  • We welcome voluntary donations of $10 or $5 at the time of the appointment to help us cover the costs of providing these services. Payment can be made by phoning the centre and paying by credit or debit card over the phone, or by EFT to the centre’s bank account. Details for how to make a donation is on the Support Us page on this website.  

Health issues the naturopath frequently works with include: nutrition and digestive disorders, depression and anxiety, reproductive health issues (eg. menstrual problems, menopause, fertility), managing Hepatitis C symptoms and managing cravings to assist with quitting and reducing smoking.

Contact us to find out more and to make an appointment.