Our Drug and Alcohol services are provided for women on low incomes and who are living in the local community (the 124kms of Sydney’s inner city, inner west and south western suburbs). Our services include:

  • Counselling for women who are wanting help with their use of alcohol or drugs
  • Counselling for women who are wanting help with dealing with the substance use of someone close to them
  • Talks in community venues about drugs, harm minimisation and recovery (phone us to request a talk)
  • Groups to assist with developing healthy lifestyles and healthy relationships
  • Health promotion and community development activities in community venues
  • Referrals to other health and community services
  • Referral to complementary health care (acupuncture or naturopathy) to assist in your counselling and recovery

We often provide support for women who are transitioning to the community after being in detox and/or residential rehabilitation. If you’d like to line up your counselling before you leave the residential service, call us on 9560 3011.

For women using harmful substances, the Centre has an emphasis on relapse prevention whilst addressing the other issues which are often an underlying reason for the woman’s  substance use. We are unable to provide supported withdrawal, pharmacotherapies or treat women with severe untreated psychiatric illnesses.

Our counselling is provided by appointment.

Who can use our services …

The drug and alcohol services are for women who are on low incomes (under $25,000/year) and who live in Sydney’s inner city, inner west and south western suburbs.

Increasingly women wanting help with quitting or reducing smoking tobacco ask for a short series of counselling appointments to help support them in their next quit attempt.

A voluntary donation of $10, or $5 concession, at the time of the visit is appreciated and helps cover the costs of running the centre.

The way we work with women affected by drugs or alcohol….

We work within the ‘social model of health’ framework which recognises the social context of women’s lives. We believe that personal experiences, relationships and environmental issues such as housing, transport and education impact on women’s health. The role of substances, such as alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs can also be significant.

We work with women to understand their substance use, to minimize the harm and to build personal resilience. For women affected by the substance use of a person significant to them – such as a child, parent, sibling or close friend – we will work with you to help understand the factors surrounding the drug or alcohol use and to help with strategies to deal with these circumstances which can often have a challenging and widespread impact.

Contact us to make an appointment.